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1-UP - NES 2 - Stage 8 - Viewtiful Flow (Ft KadeshFlow)

1-UP - NES 2 - Stage 8 - Viewtiful Flow (Ft KadeshFlow)

Duration: 04:44
Published: 02 August 2014
Source: Soundcloud

Music Description

Imagidrain King : Here lies Kadesh Joe… We found him sealed in an ice lock magic spell after fighting our assault. Presumably to preserve himself and fight again another day. Though I quickly shattered that dream and turned him into one of my guardians. The immeasurable power he posses augmented with Imagidrain magic is unbeatable!!!

1-UP: Guys step back I got this
We the best bro, we ain’t lame dude, Mind taken over? A damn shame dude
Imagidrain trash your mouth be tooting, Meet your face with a burnin shoryuken
(Richie Emulation)Yeah, I wish they knew, that if they snatch the planets I turn to captain blue
Your skills up to me, is a hell of a no go, my skills are Viewtiful and that’s a henshina go go (yeah)
(Josh Krow Emulation)Too strong snap you like loose thongs, kinda perverted? Guess you call me oolong
What I got here? Emulation station, carb-on copy of skills that leave you wasted
(PTP Emulation)Taking over planets, you bunch of bandits, victory we planned it, since we landed been candid bout the advantage we've taken but never been handed

Hook: Say it like…. hit em like (repeat)
Kadesh : What? Oh Word?
Ain't nobody got time for that!!

Huh, I don't need a hero I'm a storming fiend (ugh) try me and they'll find you like Norma Jean
Cuz it will look like nobody touched ya, the way I roughed ya, sorry butcha gotta die like John Tucker, I'm not sayin "henshin" anymore but I still bust ya
I don't need hadokens but I cut em and I juke em you can verbally rebuke me but I come in with the skill, see me coming and you betta run cuz grabbin guns'll get you done you have no choice I'm not Morpheus with the pills
You found me frozen cuz I chills, got no worries with flurries I like deterring these jerks who think they can murk me opposite of what's occurring, I don't have to react in fact I blast the foes who attack like a gat that is in the trap
I'm meticulous like Mecha Six Majin, No Buus tho, my only love is head knocking, Naruto couldn't give you a better throbbin, ever seen the meme of Batman slappin Robin?
Haters best me as much as people watch Noggin, Hope that you hold has a hole that I'll shoot thru your chest, I heard him call me Kadesh Joe but you know, I could go with you crowning me Viewtiful Desh
See your eyes and you're looking kinda frantic, feeling like Iago, I hate to be dramatic
But I think I'm bout to fly the coup, come directly at you, keep talkin about my mind, need to can it
I feel just fine, nobodies ever stepped up inside of my mind, you see how I murk all my opponents, don't try, you'll be like a chicken in Churches you'll get fried


1-UP: Heh
Kadesh: Come get it then
1-UP: Alright, I mean I see you got some skills! You should know by now though in every video game the bad guy ALWAYS loses... like ALWAYS!

I can see that we have an effect, this brainwash spell it is really a mess
Slow down power up and keep you abreast, we’ll free you from the dark side to join us Kadesh

It’s starting to come back…. but it feels a little fuzzy
Get away dummies…. you we will never be buddies

1-UP: One thing that you should always know bout me is that I never stop fighting for the world with or without any bounty
And if you wanna take it to the streets I think that’s wise son, I’ll tip my hat to your efforts psycho smash you like I’m Bison
Keep assault flowing like kryptonite get you faded, drunk up off my words like your vision cell shaded
Just Sayin, like J.S Bach see? Time to kick this… emulation way in Mach Speed

(1-UP Kadesh emulation)
You said you gonna duke em I can juke em then I knuke em, and I'm killing off your demons like a raging B
Fly in every seat, call me a pilot winggg, and If you try to prune me man you will be beattt
You may be Majin buu, but you will still be saying boo, when I spill all of your blood - red wine, U2
You never had a clue? still bored? Time to kill the evil oh my gawwrrdd

Before we stepped up, I stopped and said, they brought this dude back just like walking dead
Got up in his head, In the brain like metroid, take em out no ball game yeah you bet boy
1-UP and his crew is what the game needs, I’ll pound you till I’m trending see me all up in your twitter feed
A few years back yeah your mind was drained, Like a pokemon battle now your spell’s been tamed

Kadesh: Thanks guys so much. I tried to defend my planet when the imagidrains assaulted many years ago. I sealed myself in an ice lock spell but I was obviously brainwashed externally and forced to release the spell once they took over my mind.

1-UP : That's what we're here to do. I’ll leave it up to you… we are heading to the dreamcast world after this to assault their home base.

Kadesh : Yeah I’ve heard that’s a trippy realm… I mean if you guys are cool with having me in the party I would love nothing more than to pay those dudes back.

1-UP : Hey.. anyone who hates the imagidrains like that is good by me, let’s go.

And 1-UP and party saved Kadesh Joe from the Imagidrains, also saving the GameCube.
As they embark on their new journey to the Dreamcast what new foes await them?
Find out next week on Dragon Ball Z
I mean NES.