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Kawaii (w / Naked bibi) - Blanco Catty

Kawaii (w / Naked bibi) - Blanco Catty

Duration: 02:46
Published: 06 February 2017
Source: Soundcloud

Music Description

Lyrics By Naked bibi
Mixed and Mastering By BangJa
Art Work By Yves


kawaii girl in the hawaii
oh my why your in my sight
baby i could eat you like pie
yelling the shit berry 아사이

kireii things in my pocket
getting boring shitty byebye
if i could tell you how am i feeling
yelling the shit out very takaii

its badshit
to high
cant go down
im to dope
say something
to loud
whisper in my
ears now

hold up
hang up
finding better moment
show me better movement

swimming like a ariel
come to me like a sunset
ill gonna be more honesty
than can you be more trusty
everything i want from you
is loyalty and trueness
seeming like you day dreaming
wake up in my arms now

rollin rollin i got nothing to do
baby 너는 어때
sippin sippin i got nothing to loose
baby 넌 어때
semi naked bibi 난 안가도
baby 넌 어때
chillin chillin i got nothing to do
baby 넌어때